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Just String

A picture book for bedtime.

If you could be anything, what would you be?

A firefighter? Rocket ship? Fox? Monster?

Join String on his adventure. He could be anything but what kind of a thing?

Age: 0-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat

Published:      January 2023

ISBN:               978-1-8380956-7-3

Length:           28 Pages

Dimensions:   203 mm × 203 mm × 10 mm

I've Got No Stripes

A picture book for bedtime.

Zebra has lost her stripes! Can you, and the other animals, help her find them? A colourful rhyming romp through a zoo not far from you!

“A zebra woke up with the sun shining bright, and oh my gosh did she see a sight. Her stripes had gone, they’d all disappeared, and even the giraffe thought it was weird.”

Age: 0-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat

Published:      April 2021

ISBN:               978-1-8380956-8-0

Length:           32 Pages

Dimensions:   203 mm × 203 mm × 10 mm

Who's Under My Bed

A picture book for bedtime.

Can you find out who is behind the mysterious sounds?

Could it be a monster or your imagination when you heard that rustle? 

A colourful torch-lit trip in a bedroom just like yours. 

Age: 0-99

Imprint:          Twilight Cat

Published:      August 2022

ISBN:              978-1-8380956-6-6

Length:           28 Pages

Dimensions:   203 mm × 203 mm × 10 mm

Derik's Treasure Endeavour

An adventure book for bedtime.

This dragon has no treasure!

Help Derik on a colourful choice laden caper to find it!

Which door will you explore and what boat will get your vote?

Age: 0-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat

Published:      August 2023

ISBN:               978-1-7393933-4-2

Length:           32 Pages

Dimensions:   203 mm × 203 mm × 10 mm

Twilight Tales

10 adventure-packed stories for children to spark their imaginations and make them laugh. What will happen to Albert the dancing troll as he finds a new home? Or James as he competes in a daring game of intergalactic snakes and ladders? Maybe the Prankster is more than he seems….

Age: 6-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat

Published:      September 2019

ISBN:               978-1-8380956-2-8

Length:           256 Pages

Dimensions:   129 mm × 198 mm × 22mm

Available as print & ePub

Short Story Titles

Tea O'Clock

Writing from a (boring) town with non-magical people, we bring you a rare page-turner tale for your morning tea.

It starts with Percy the (not-so-good) Wizard waking up late, smelling yesterday’s socks and rushing out the door. Did he pretend to be a dodgy plumber on purpose? Local reports say he scared the neighbours and turned retired people into beach balls! No wonder he got in a tangle with the J.A.M.I !

Age: 6-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat

Published:      May 2021

ISBN:               978-1-8380956-4-2

Length:           128 Pages

Dimensions:   129 mm × 198 mm × 22mm

Available as print & ePub

The Minor Gentleman

If you heard piano music in the middle of the night, would you follow the melody into the woods?

See what Lucy does and let her adventure become yours in this fantastical story where she encounters Hoot the  talking owl, Duchess Thorn and her musical troupe, mysterious memories bound in magic and the Minor Gentleman.

Age: 6-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat

Published:      13th July 2020

ISBN:               978-1-8380956-0-4

Length:           112 Pages

Dimensions:   129 mm × 198 mm × 22mm

Available as print & ePub

Twilight Returns

6 adventure-packed stories for children to spark their imaginations and make them laugh. 

Find out what its like on a space station living with Slug-like Aliens, trek across a pine forest with Brutus the husky and see what happens to Deirdre with a mischeivous hat and a giant, Mavis. 

Age: 6-99

Imprint:           Twilight Cat

Published:      2024 or 2025

ISBN:               TBD

Length:           210 Pages

Dimensions:   129 mm × 198 mm × 22mm

Will be available as print & ePub

Short Story Titles

My Work in Progress

Sample Chapter 1 - Stolen Goods

White strip lights blinked and buzzed overhead in need of repair. Empty crates and discarded odds and sods littered the narrow metal encased corridor. Dark and grimy. Shadows for a shady business. Scrap’s drone whizzed down into the depths of the space port. No other life forms near the target destination aside from Scrap’s two conspirators nearby more

Tinker, a lizard-like species from the planet Gator, scratched his fat stomach with a whip-like tail while his four clawed hands fiddled with a set of tools. Everything about the Calypso's engineer was posed for the next step in their plan. Goop, the other crew member, a scientist, changed its form nervously from a ball, to a box, then a puddle. The fluid based shapeshifter was desperate to fit in with the surroundings and hide, but Scrap didn’t think it made much difference given Goop’s constant yellow fluorescence glow. Something sparked in Scrap’s complex web of circuitry. Was it feeling nerves like Goop? Robots don’t feel emotions or at least, that’s what everyone said. 

Scrap touched the circular communicator on its neck and pointed forward. Clear! The trio quietly approached a single unassuming blast door. The robot pulled off the mask he used to hide its face and scanned the surface, a strip of purple light moving up and down in a horizontal line. Nothing. No control panel. No lock. No indication of what lied beyond. Tinker huffed then jammed a screwdriver between the frame and door and pushed. The tool screamed under the Gator’s strength then bent. Tinker hissed in frustration then moved aside. Goop produced tendrils from its body and felt around the edges then vibrated and made a series of high pitched humming noises. Scrap and Tinker’s  communicators flashed then translated what Goop was saying. 

‘It’s completely sealed with some sort of field. It tingles like when you touch it like a battery cell. I can’t get through.’

‘We’re sure this is the right door?’ Tinker crossed both sets of arms then glanced back down the corridor. ‘It’s not an airlock? I really don’t wanna get spaced. It’s nasty. Your blood boils, you freeze, then get the pleasure of floating around forever like a poo in space.’ 

Scrap opened the image from his memory bank. This was it. Then the robot noticed the loose panel on the floor in the image and looked down while Goop placed a tendril over the Gator’s shoulder. 

‘It’s unlikely you’d float around forever. Another object would smash you to bits once you were in its gravitational pull. You’d more likely be poo dust.’

Tinker shook him off. ‘Yeah, thanks mr science blob. It’s still a bad way to go. Come on tin can. Haven’t you found the image yet? I thought you were fast. Hurry up.’ 

‘The lock was embedded in the floor,’ Scrap replied. ‘I’m attempting to break the code. It’s a polymorphic algorithm. My central processor is running 3 billion calculations.’ 

‘And?’ Tinker raised an eyebrow. 

‘I am …’ Scrap turned his head 180 degrees and looked down at the Gator. ‘Hurrying.’

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